Dr. Carmen Vazquez’s Research

“Offspring of outpatients with dysthymic disorder: Outcomes and mediators of risk”; sub-project PI; NIH; 2 SO6 GM008225: 2003-2007. This study compares outpatient mothers with pure dysthymic disorder, double depression, episodic major depressive disorder and normal controls on social functioning and the risk mechanisms involved in the processleading from parental mood disorders to offspring impairment.
Role: PI Resource Collaborator with Dr. Humberto Lizardi grant recipient.

“Comparison of pure dysthymic disorder, double depression, and episodic major depressive disorder on social functioning”; PI; PSC-CUNY; 07-03/12-04: 65636-00 34. This study compares outpatients with pure dysthymic disorder, double depression, episodic major depressive disorder and normal controls on a range of social roles.
Role: PI for site clinic – with Dr. Humberto Lizardi grant recipient.

Co-Principal Investigator with Mariano Rey, M.D. 1998 Latina Depression Study. The prevalence of depression in patients in treatment in a cardiology clinic.

Co-Chair with Sylvia Olarte, M.D. conference. Out of the Shadows of Depression РCultural impacts on Today’s Hispanic Woman. Grant awarded by Elli Lilly and Bristol Myers. 1997.

Committee Member Doctoral Dissertation -1995-1998 Parental stress, personal authority, and family environment of Puerto Rican women.

Consultant – Outcome research study on the1988 implementation: Bilingual bicultural psychiatric programs at Bronx Psychiatric Center.

Lincoln Hospital Center, and Pilgrim Psychiatric Center Committee Member Doctoral Dissertation 1985-1987.

Bilingualism and affective expression Committee Member Doctoral Dissertation 1998-2000.

ommittee Member Readings of Dominican girls: The experiences of participants in HERSTORY – A literature discussion group.

Committee Member Doctoral Dissertation 1997-1999 The relation of ethnic match between interviewer and patient and other personal characteristics of the interviewer on patient dropout from the intake process.

Committee Member Doctoral Dissertation -1997-1999 An exploration of the impact of social support and assertiveness on the psychological well-being of Puerto Rican women.

Committee Member Doctoral Dissertation 1994-1996 The relationship between feminist attitudes and affective responses to sexual assault.

Committee Member Doctoral Dissertation 1995-1997 Quantitative and qualitative differences in the verbalization of autobiographical memories of coordinate bilinguals.

Co-Principal Investigator – Research project 1995-1997 Moral reasoning and aggression among psychiatric inpatients.

Committee Member Doctoral Dissertation -1985-1989 The Fear of Nuclear War and Its Effects on Mental Health.

Project Director – Research project 1984-1986 Ad hoc interpretation in psychiatric care.