Dr. Vazquez’s Private Practice

Dr. Vazquez has a private practice in New York City (1115 Broadway – Room 1204 aka 16 Madison Square West, New York, New York 10010), where she provides:

  • psychotherapy for
    • individuals – women and men
    • families
    • couples (including with culturally mixed marriages)
  • psychological examinations for
    • children and adolescents
      • developmental and learning disabilities
      • neuropsychological evaluations
      • lead poisoning
      • custody
      • adults
      • neuropsychological evaluations
      • mental health assessments
      • consultations about cultural issues
  • supervision for mental health cultural services in particular gender focused psychology
  • court testimony
  • assessment in immigration matters
  • When asked about her psychological services, Dr. Vazquez says: “Although there are many culturally competent professionals who are also highly qualified to help, I have dedicated my professional life to evaluations, treatment, research, and training. This diverse combination enables me to:
  • Help Latinas gain their voices by becoming aware of the connections between their lives and their gendered, cultural, social and political circumstances.
  • Tell which behaviors are normal and functional in the Latino culture and which are not
  • understand the cultural origins of parenting skills and not automatically see a parent’s concern as over-involvement or intrusiveness
  • Act as a cultural broker to help children/families, couples and other important relationships maintain a balanced cultural position, if needed, understand psychological problems and resolve them.”

Despite her Latin-American expertise, since 1979, Dr. Vazquez has vast experience helping people from all backgrounds.

  • People born in North America
    • Caucasians
    • People of color
  • Immigrants from many countries

Dr. Vazquez has increased her private practice since reducing her time at Bellevue Hospital.


“Let me know whenever I can help.”