Mental Health and Law Group:

Carmen Vazquez, Ph.D., ABPP and Martin Juvelier, Esq. began a group in April 2008 to develop a closer collaboration between culturally competent mental health providers and attorneys working with a diverse population in courtroom situations involving separation, divorce, parenting, contested child custody cases, and extending beyond family to any area of the law, such as constitutional rights, sexual orientation issues, and tort litigation. Although begun with psychologists, the plan is to include other mental health professionals.

One of the goals is to conduct workshops and postdoctoral programs to train mental health professionals and attorneys to understand diverse cultures.

Another goal is to establish a list of mental health resources and professionals available to judges and attorneys.

A third goal is to train Parenting Coordinators, using the Parenting Coordination model, to teach parents to put their children first to overcome the negative effects of contentious divorces.